Qi is energy and Gong is work. Qi Gong can be defined as the Art Of Working Vital Energy. Qi Gong is as it is called in the East and Chi Kung in the West, and for me it is Meditation in Motion and aims to align the physical body, mind and breath through movement and stillness.

Therapeutic QiGong – as part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – aims at aligning the body and mind with a combination of physical, breathing, mental and spiritual exercises and at stimulating the Chi/ energy flow within the body so that it moves faster and more efficiently and supports the cleansing of the entire network of Chi energy or meridians.

Practicing Therapeutic QiGong is to seek harmony through postural alignment, regularization of breathing, and cultivation of mental intention.

Each movement, each posture requires the body, breath and mind to work together and, as a result, strengthens the practitioner’s overall energy.

Vital Energy is unique and varies from practitioner to practitioner, it can also be defined as identity.

Practicing QiGong is to find our unique way in which we are to express ourselves in the world and generate well being, vitality, and tranquility.


Zhan Zhuang pronounced “Jam Jong” in Cantonese or “Jan Juang” in Mandarin and means “to stand like a tree”.

It is like all traditional styles of Chi Kung a practice that acts on the Chi energy of the human being in a global way.

The peculiarity of this style is the use of stillness as a preferred practice for the study and investigation of Chi in humans.

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