Hi, my name is Filipe Silva, my sign is Pisces, I was born in Portimão in 1978. I’m graduated in Management informatics.

I’ve started the route of my inner discovery in 2006, when I have met Master Filomena Inácio, which initiated me on Diane Stein’s Essential Reiki. I have done 3 levels.

From the beginning I have identified myself with this therapy, which gave me a new meaning to my life, leading for the search of other healing therapies, and allowed me to meet others persons that were following on same path.

This way I have met Miguel Ângelo Reis, which invited me to take part of the Karmic Astrology Class, Humanistic and Transpersonal.

Also from Reiki and Master Filomena Inácio I’ve found Master Naomi Imber Feinberg, with whom I learned the Hatmara-Merkava Method (Biorgonomy), an energetic therapy which aims the energetic transmutation to achieve total individual welfare.

After a long introspection and internal search, I felt necessity to learn Thai Massage – Thai Yoga – Thai Body Work, a tool which I’ve learned with Master Carlos Vaz.

Currently I live in accordance with my inner truth, in accordance with my heart. I follow the voice which manifests in my inner self and center all my attention in developing and learning techniques that promotes physical, emotional and energetic well-being.