The Sounding Touch

The Sounding Touch is a project idealized by Johnny White and Filipe Silva two years ago and now has manifested itself and has gained form.

The Sounding Touch is a therapy composed by sound and touch. It is a therapy that comes in sync with all the chakras and meridians of our energetic and physical body and aims to align the body and is frequencies.

Through the physical touch and the subtle massage of the sound frequencies, a complete and deep unlocking is achieved at all levels. It is a harmonic reminiscence, a tuning of the whole.

Benefits of this therapy

– Stress Reduction.
– Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance.
– Affects all the cells of our body and organs, reminding them of their original frequency.
– Reprogram the DNA.
– Cleans negative energie and denser emotions.
– Connect us with our Higher Self, our Divine Being.
– Deep relaxation.
– Help in recovery soon after some illness, trauma, or invasive treatment.
– Helps to deal with the challenges of life.
– Improves sleep.
– Harmonizes the Chakras.
– Clean the Aura.
– Increases vital energy, creativity, intuition and motivation.
– Stimulates blood circulation.
– Strengthens the immune system.
– Stimulates the endocrine system and regulates hormonal function.
– Balances the brain waves.
– Stimulates cognitive function.
– Relieves muscle pains, even making them go away.
– It allows the regeneration and harmonious balance of Being as a Whole.
– Expands Consciousness.

Time: 60M


Sound: Johnny White
Touch & Movement: Filipe Silva

The Sounding Touch & Movement

The Sounding Touch & Movement adds physical movement to the therapeutical session.

Through Qi Gongs`s simple, meditative movements and postures, allied to the sound of the sacred instruments, we will put our focus on the breathing and stillness, allowing us to access a deeper and internal listening, aligning  Body, Mind and Spirits and all its frequencies.